Simon Lichtenberg

Image Simon Lichtenberg

It is apparent that simon lichtenberg (voir ici) possesses extraordinary will-power and dedication as an entrepreneur because he has been successful in his goal to initiate his own establishment in the modern country of China. CEIBS, Harvard Business School and Tsinghua: these are three notable institutions at which he has studied. Because of the extraordinary support that Simon Lichtenberg has provided Shanghai in improving the quality of life, he was presented with the Magnolia Silver Award.

Simon Lichtenberg began to work with other companies (such as IKEA) from other countries, enabling him to profit by up to $2.5m on a yearly basis. Becoming involved in the furniture market was a natural progression from his initial involvement in the timber business. Simon Lichtenberg would not be one of the most capable businessmen in the world today if he hadn't learned from the mistakes he has made in running his business.

Simon Lichtenberg's Trayton Group

Simon Lichtenberg's company is based in Shanghai, China; additionally, it owns several other factories located in Zhejiang Jishan. Almost certainly one of the most significant accomplishments of business-inclined individuals is when they set up an organisation into which they can pour their passion, dedication and effort. The year 1995 saw Simon him creating his company: Trayton Group. Many outstanding things have been carried out by Trayton Group - an establishment owned by Simon Lichtenberg. Some examples are the establishing of the Trayton Foundation, which assisted in the installation of rooftop solar panel systems and lighting the streets of Shanghai in the year 2012.

Simon Lichtenberg studied for his Chinese Language diploma in 1988, at Fudan University in Shanghai, China. Most businessmen find that their most successful years (in which they accomplish great things) are not forgotten as time goes on. Entering the timber industry was the first venture of Simon Lichtenberg in 1992 after the completion of his educational pursuits.

Simon Lichtenberg's Educational Background

To be successful, it is necessary to be strong and capable of facing challenges and overcoming them; a great education helps towards building these qualities. Simon Lichtenberg attended Danish Tvind schools prior to moving to Africa as a teenager. Considered a leading character in the world of business, Simon Lichtenberg has also led by example through his academic efforts with which he has achieved great things. When studying top entrepreneurs, it becomes apparent that a respectable strength of character and education are requirements for their success.

One challenge Simon Lichtenberg faced in 1997, was that he found himself caught up in a complicated legal case concerning the production of counterfeit 'BoConcept' products. Another challenge was when he received unsatisfactory products from the Zhenjing Leather Factory, eventually leading to him not winning a court case over the dispute of fair payment. Simon Lichtenberg's journey to success has been quite uneven at times but, by sticking to his business rule "Never give up", he has managed to arrive at his goal.