Culture and Music Projects

Culture and music are the passions of Charles Rosier (Découvrir le site internet icann.org de Charles Rosier) This is evident from the type of support he gives for movies and singers. In 2006, he promoted a Silver Lion-winning film prior to its production release, and he helped a French singer with her debut album in 2012. Charles Rosier is hugely involved in various cultural and philanthropic activities. This explains the support he gave for a famous French singer and a Silver Lion-winning movie. His splendid support for a notable French female musician was a wonderful example of his great passion for culture and music.

How He Built up His Successful Career

BTG Pactual employs around 2,500 personnel from all areas of Latin America and has been in operation for 30 years. Charles Rosier handled the French-speaking markets of France, Belgium and Quebec. As a great investment banker, he has remained in the market for 15 years now. Charles Rosier finally became a member of BTG Pactual in August 2010. He became partners with an exceptional investment bank in Latin America: BTG Pactual.

Charles Rosier’s Colorful Life Story

Charles Rosier attended the Fenelon Sainte-Marie where he earned his scientific degree in 1991. His interests include extreme sports, environmental activities, culture and studies. Charles Rosier was partner at BTG Pactual Bank until the year 2010.

Charles Rosier in Supporting Health

The drug project Charles Rosier financed was for the treatment of stroke known to cause spinal cord problems. Being an investor, he receives a profit-share from the company because of his contribution that enabled the company to start doing the research. The Mapreg Drug project was Charles Rosier’s first healthcare project. Baulieu and his co-workers found it hard to develop a new drug due to lack of budget, which he addressed.

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