Eurocenter : a beautiful success story

Eurocenter : a beautiful success story

Emblem of the French digital world, many of the big companies collaborated with this king. Talented, filled with dreams but especially with dynamism and ambition, he quickly went from Minitel to Linux to create his own game; all this was achieved with a great success.

Driven by his passion for video games and the internet, he was able to achieve everything he always wanted. A success story, which has inspired many, and which is still deeply rooted in the French video game community of today.

Very promising since the very beginning

That passion sprouted from an early age. At the age of six, the genius was a big fan and Pong game. A game that inspired him and pushed him to become a video game developer. Following this, he very quickly sought to climb the ladder and his career is a real lift of success.

  • At the age of 14, he created his own video game, the “Tank”, with drastic means, but proved to be very entertaining.
  • By marketing his game, he quickly gained a little awareness. His game was indeed a success.
  • Following this, the large companies of the time felt this young boy's flair, and the doors of the trade gradually opened to him.

With his creativity, and combination of passion and a great talent he quickly became known in the gaming industry of France. He was also very ambitious and determined. Those two features combined with his talent and passion were the key features for the beginning if his success story.

A creator in the soul

The story of the creation of the Tank game is amazing. He fiddled the machines of the time, including the old Sharp PC-1211 and ZX81 machines, with his own, to incorporate his creations. He managed to make a video game by himself. Minitel offered him to work in their firm, given his obvious flair for games.

From that day on, he began to live for his passion. Consequently, in late 1980s, he set up his own company. Having acquired experience at Minitel and the big ICT companies where he then worked all the expertise, he made his own way. Really wanting to make the digital world more free and always create new things, he naturally became an entrepreneur.

The success of GraalOnline

The first game developed in Stéphane Portha's own company is called GraalOnline. A game launched in 1998 was a hit at that time. Fluid, fun and multiplayer gameplay, this game has everything to meet the needs of game lovers.

Subsequently, and especially following the requests of the players, the game has undergone updates and other versions were born. Apart from GraalOnline, Stephane Portha's Eurocenter also contributed to several major steps in the digital world and mobile games. Among others, we owe to this great company:

  • The establishment and technical work behind the first mobile games on the Apple platform, the Apple Store;
  • GraalOnline games and especially their derivatives that are still played today such as Era +.

Today, its history remains in the directory of the French digital world and inspires more than one. It must be said that Stéphane Portha knew where and how to act, but he knew above all that he worked hard to live his passion.